New issue of journal «Strepet» published

The new number of Stepet journal has been published. – 2009. – Vol. 7, Iss. 1-2. The journal includes the following publications on birds of prey:

Efimenko, N. N. Booted Eagle in Turkmenistan: distribution, breeding ecology, current numbers and conservation // P. 19-35. [in Russian]
Belik, V.P. Characteristics of demonstrative and hunting ecology of Short-toed Eagle // P. 50-61. [in Russian]
Efimenko, N. N. Black Vulture in Turkmenistan: distribution, breeding ecology, numbers and conservation // P. 62-77. [in Russian]
Malovichko, L.V., Fedosov, V.N. Accidental flight of obligate scavenger birds in the steppe of Stavropolje // P. 91-93. [in Russian]
Dyachenko, M.P. Breeding of the Lesser Kestrel in the village of Ulan-Khol in the east of Kalmykia // P. 94-96. [in Russian]
Domashevsky, S.V., Demidenko, Yu.A. Migration of birds of prey in the vicinity of Kyiv in autumn 2008 // P. 97-100. [in Russian]

Price of the journal is 60 roubles + shipping costs. If you would like to purchase the journal please contact the editor Viktor Belik (, in Ukraine – to Yury Milobog (

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