Current status of Birds of Prey in Ukraine

Species Breeding Migrating Wintering Accidental Notes
Pandion haliaetus R For the last 40 years there are no reliable data on breeding. Some cases of suggested breeding were in the early 1990s (Chernyhiv region, Zhytomyr region)
Pernis apivorus S C
Milvus milvus R? Last reliable cases of breeding were recorded in the 1950s
Milvus migrans S S R*
Circus cyaneus C S Last reliable cases of breeding were recorded in the mid-20th century
Circus macrourus R Last case of breeding was recorded in 1988 (Sumy region)
Circus pygargus S S
Circus aeruginosus C C R*
Accipiter gentilis C C C
Accipiter nisus S C C
Accipiter brevipes R* R* Distributed only in the river valley of Seversky Donets
Buteo lagopus C C
Buteo rufinus S R R*
Buteo buteo C C C
Circaetus gallicus R R
Hieraaetus pennatus R R
Aquila nipalensis R* R* Last cases of breeding were recorded in 1981 in Askania-Nova
Aquila clanga R* R R* Breeding is known only in the north of Rivne region, suggested breeding is also in the north of Volyn, Zhytomyr and Sumy regions
Aquila pomarina S S
Aquila heliaca R R R*
Aquila chrysaetos R* R R Single cases of breeding are known, last cases were in the 1990s in the Carpathians
Haliaeetus albicilla R R S Mainly distributed in the river valley of the Dnieper, Seversky Donets, rarely – near other large water bodies
Neophron percnopterus R
Aegypius monachus R* R* R* Resident species in the Crimea
Gyps fulvus R* R* R* Resident species in the Crimea
Falco rusticolus R
Falco cherrug R R R*
Falco peregrinus R* R R Resident species in the Crimea, cases of breeding in some cities are also known
Falco subbuteo C C
Falco columbarius R R
Falco vespertinus S S
Falco naumanni R* Breeding was recorded up to the mid-1990s (Crimea, Donetsk region), in the beginning of the 21st century only rarely observed in a breeding period
Falco tinnunculus C C R
Tyto alba R* R* Breeds in Trans-Carpathians, Cis-Carpathians, cases of breeding in the steppe Crimea are known
Surnia ulula Р? For the last 20 year cases of accidental flights were unknown
Nyctea scandiaca R
Bubo bubo R R
Asio otus C C C
Asio flammeus R R R
Otus scops S S
Glaucidium passerinum R* R* Breeding in Ukraine is proved by a record of 1 brood in the Carpathians
Aegolius funereus R* R*
Athene noctua S S
Strix aluco C C
Strix uralensis S* S*
Strix nebulosa R* R* Recorded only in the north of Zhytomyr, Rivne and Kyiv regions

R – rare
S – scanty
C – common
? – status needs to be specified
* – status relates only to a small area of Ukraine

More details on status of raptors in different region of Ukraine can be found in the attached file.

Compilers: Vetrov V.V., Gavrilyuk M.N., Domashevsky S.V., Milobog Yu.V.