RESOLUTION of the 3d International scientific conference «Birds of prey of Ukraine»

Logo of the 3d International scientific conference «Birds of prey of Ukraine»

The conference was organized by Kryvyi Rih State Pegagogical University, Bohdan Khmelnitskyi National University in Cherkasy, Ukrainian Centre of Investigation on Birds of Prey.
Participants in the 3d International scientific conference «Birds of prey of Ukraine»

The conference was held in Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine) 24-25th October 2008, at Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University. About 80 ornithologists took part in the conference, represented 63 institutions and organizations from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Plenary session of the 3d International scientific conference «Birds of prey of Ukraine»

The conference formed 4 breakup groups: “Birds of prey in ecosystems. Research and conservation of birds of prey”, “Status and ecology of some species of birds of prey”, “Migration and wintering of birds of prey”, “Birds of prey in regions”. The round-table discussion on modern capacities for presenting methods of birs of prey investigations was organized.

The reports and discussions have shown increased interest of biological science in studying of Falconiformes, high scientific and methodical level of researches of different aspects of their ecology, distribution and numbers in Ukraine and neighboring countries, and care about protection of these birds in modern ecosystems.

The conference has resolved:

1) to draw attention of ornithologists to more extensive use of such research methods for raptors which minimize negative effect on birds;

2) to establish Faunistic Commission on Birds of Prey in Ukraine for promoting faunistic researches. The Commission includes V.I.Strigunov, A.A.Bokotey, V.V.Vetrov, M.N.Gavrilyuk, S.V.Domashevsky, G.V.Fesenko. The members of the Commission will develop “Regulations on the Faunistic Commission on Birds of Prey in Ukraine”;

3) to focus efforts of Ukrainian ornithologists on studying issues relevant to birds of prey:
– investigate raptor fauna in Ukrainian Carpathians, Polissia and Podillia;
– intensify monitoring of birds of prey in Ukraine, studies of Strigiformes, and also common species of diurnal raptors;
– develop investigations on biocoenotic role of birds of prey;
– extend works on attraction of birds of prey using artificial nests;

4) to support a draft document “Rules and norms on protection of rare birds of prey included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine” and recommend to improve this document before submitting to the State Management Board of Forestry;

5) to provide activities concerning a burning problem of negative attitude of dove-breeders to birds of prey, in accordance with current laws of Ukraine and regulations of international conventions ratified by Ukraine:
– to address a letter to the Association of Dove-breeders of Ukraine and point at inadmissibility to eliminate birds of prey either diurnal or nocturnal (owls);
– to prepare papers for publication about a role of raptors in nature and their value for people and give these papers to the Bulletin “Vestnik Golubevodov” (Herald of Dove-breeders) and other editions;
– to develop guidelines on protection of pedigreed doves from raptors taking into account the necessity to conserve birds of prey;

6) to intensify promotion of protection of raptors through mass media, publication and dissemination of posters, flyers, booklets, etc. Ornithologists, particularly members of the Ukrainian Centre of Investigation on Birds of Prey will be involved;

7) to thank administration of the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University, Organization Committee, university staff and students which took part in this event for high level of the Conference organization. To express a special gratitude to Yury Milobog for the sponsor support of the Conference.

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