About the Сentre

Objectives of the Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre:

  • improve work coordination of ornithologists investigating of birds of prey in Ukraine;
  • organize exchange of information among ornithologists of Ukraine and other countries about the progress in study and conservation of birds of prey;
  • organizе workshops and conferences;
  • develop and execute monitoring programmes of condition of birds of prey populations, publish scientific results of researches;
  • improve awareness of local people, local and central authorities, hunters, workers of forestry and agriculture about problems of birds of prey conservation by communicating through specially developed web-site, publishing brochures, posters, providing information for mass media coverage;
  • improve living conditions of birds of prey through biotechnical activities.

Priorities will be given first of all to globally threatened species: monitoring of their populations, conservation measures through biotechnical activities, propaganda of the conservation of birds of prey and owls among local people, hunters and workers of forestry.