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Current status of the Peregrine Falcon population in Ukraine

The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) is included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1994) as a vulnerable species, and has the status of ‘Least Concern’ in the Red List of IUCN/Birdlife (2004). In the new edition of the Red Data Book (in print) it is referred as ‘rare’. The second half of the 20th […]

Problem of exploitation of birds of prey by photographers

Dear ornithologists and birdwatchers! We would like to continue the discussion started at our webpages on exploitation of birds of prey by photographers. Reasons AGAINST EXPLOITATION of birds of prey for photographing with tourists: 1) Taking birds of any species away from nature is forbidden and requires a special permission. This is violation of the […]

Expedition to southern regions of Ukraine

An expedition was undertaken during the last decade of May 2009 in the framework of the project supported by the Falcon Research Centre (United Kingdom). The aim was to reveal the sites, suitable to set up nest boxes for Saker Falcons on poles of power lines. The participants of the expeditions were Vitaly Vetrov, Sergey […]

Experience of Foundation of Raptor Conservation Centre

WILD ANIMALS REHABILITATION AND REINTRODUCTION CENTRE OF GALYCH NATIONAL NATURAL PARK In one of our previous publications we have raised the problem of absence of any raptor rehabilitation centre in Ukraine. It is pleasant to notice that on regional level there are attempts of solving this problem. In the region of Ukrainian Carpathians there isn’t […]

Birds of prey and pigeon-breeders. Current status of the problem

The conflict between pigeon-breeders and birds of prey is only a small part of a bigger problem of human attitude to environment. Today, we can hardly meet a person not knowing about the great importance of environmental protection. This is the base of balanced development of humanity. That is why it’s outrageous to see in […]

Ukraine is a way of contraband transportation of rare falcons

Two attempts of illegal transportation of falcons were registrated during last month in Ukraine. Cases of detention of illegally transported falcons by customs officers in Ukrainian airports have been already known. For instance, in 2002 Donetsk Airport suppressed exportation of three Gyrfalcons and six Sakers. After that, the birds were given to Kyiv Zoo. In […]