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Satellite tracking of the Short-toed Eagle migration

On our webpages we repeatedly raised the question of studying migration of birds of prey using satellite telemetry. This method has pluses and minuses compared to traditional ringing, colour marking etc. The review makes an attempt to reveal, at least partly, potential opportunities of the satellite telemetry on the example of studying migrations of the […]

Current numbers of rare species of birds of prey in Ukraine

Estimation of rare species numbers is one of the most burning issues in the bird conservation strategy. Information given in the recent new edition of the Red Book of Ukraine (2009) allows comparing the data on birds of prey to those, published previously. Below there are data on the size of breeding populations of Falconiformes […]

Migrations of birds of prey in Ukraine: what do we know about them?

Seasonal migrations are an important stage in the annual life cycle of birds. They are characteristic for most species of Ukrainian birds of prey. However by the present time migratory routes and sites of mass concentrations are still poor known. Except for scientific importance this knowledge is essential for planning and organization of conservation of […]

Observations of marked birds

There came a period of bird spring migration, and again we’re searching the sky for silhouettes of our favourites. Quite often we don’t guess that our observations might give an unexpected result. During last decades an individual marking of birds of prey by using colour rings, wing tags or ‘windows’ on wings is rather common-spread. […]