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Studies of birds of prey in the alienated zone of Chornobyl atomic power station, continued in May 2012

Prior studies in the CAPS alienated zone were provided by us in the first and second decades of April 2012. That time we did night census of owls and in the daylight searched for nests of birds of prey in special distinguished parts of forest areas. From 21 to 27 May we undertook the second […]

First record of the Egyptian Vulture in Cherkasy region

The Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) – is a rare accidental species of Ukrainian fauna (Kostin, 2004), entered in the Red Data Book of Ukraine in a ‘vanishing’ (Beskaravainy, Klestov, 2009). A majority of accidental visits of this bird were registered in southern and south-western regions (Knysh et al., 2005). However, this vulture was also recorded […]

Studies of birds of prey in the alienated zone of Chornobyl atomic power station (CAPS) in April 2012

In April 2012 we continued studies on fauna, numbers and ecological characteristics of birds of prey in the CAPS alienated zone. This time our works were conducted under the program “Study and revealing in the alienated zone the sites with valuable natural complexes deserving the highest protection status and their passportisation”. Photos by Sergey Domashevsky […]

Wintering of the White-tailed Eagle at the Dnieper near Kaniv in 2011-2012

A non-freezing area of the river downstream from Kanivska Hydropower Station is one of major wintering sites of the White-tailed Eagle at the Middle Dnieper. Due to HPS working in a peak regime there are regular changes of water levels in the tail-water. It leads to constant break of ice carried away by water flow. […]

Migration of Falconiformes during autumn 2011 in the vicinity of Izmail

One of our previous materials had reviewed the birds of prey migration across Ukraine. Based on geographical characteristics we had presumed quite an intensive passage in Odesa region. Thus, in autumn 2011 we provided migration studies of Falconiformes in the vicinity of Izmail City. The results are presented below. Taking into consideration a busy flyway […]

Counts of White-tailed Eagles at Kremenchuhske Reservoir in autumn 2011

In autumn 2011 we proceeded monitoring of autumn concentration sites of the White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) at the Middle Dnieper. Results are presented below. Results of the year 2009 please see here, за 2010 год – here. Counts were conducted in key concentration sites of these eagles: at fishponds and other areas with high bird […]

Accidental visit of the Pallas’s Fish Eagle in Ukraine

The Pallas’s Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus) is a rare accidental species in Ukraine. By the present time only two registrations have been known. 29.05.1910 a female in the first plumage was shot in “Askania Nova” (Zubarovsky, 1977). The female at the age of about 1 year was hunted in the first decade of June 1964 […]

Ten years of monitoring of the tawny owl in Kharkiv Region

We already published information on attracting the Tawny Owl to artificial nest boxes in Kharkiv region at our web-pages. The present material is dedicated to experience of attracting this owl species to artificial nests and some results of studying its ecology. MONITORING RESULTS OF USING NEST BOXES IN NATIONAL NATURAL PARK “HOMILSHANSKI FORESTS” If you […]

The death of birds of prey as a result of poaching – a sad example of ospreys in Ukraine

Over 40 years has already passed (since 1969) after the total ban for shooting birds of prey in Ukraine. However, in minds of many hunters, birds with the beaks curved down still remains malicious enemies (a desirable trophy, a good target, etc.). As a result, every year a large number of birds of prey are […]

Mass migration of Birds of Prey in North and Central Ukraine in mid-October 2011

We already mentioned at our web-pages, that migration intensity of birds of prey significantly differs for various regions of Ukraine. However, numbers of migrating raptors can be also greatly impacted by weather conditions, forming migration waves. It is the phenomenon which we observed in mid-October 2011. MIGRATION OF BIRDS OF PREY ALONG KYIV RESERVOIR 15 […]