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Observations of marked birds

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There came a period of bird spring migration, and again we’re searching the sky for silhouettes of our favourites. Quite often we don’t guess that our observations might give an unexpected result. During last decades an individual marking of birds of prey by using colour rings, wing tags or ‘windows’ on wings is rather common-spread. These are the elements which should be paid attention when observing birds, also during migrations. A camera may be very useful as modern technical devices give a possibility to take a picture of a bird, and then have a better look at necessary features. Therefore we can advise not only gaze at flying birds, but take a picture.

First three photo are taken from the paper: Dravecký M, Sellis U, Bergmanis U, Dombrovski V, Lontkowski J, Maciorowski G, Maderič B, Meyburg B-U, Mizera T, Stój M, Treinys R & Wójciak J 2008: Colour ringing of the Spotted Eagles (Aquila pomarina, Aquila clanga and their hybrids) in Europe – a review. Slovak Rapt J 2: 37–52.

The colour marking of birds in Ukraine was not provided yet, but basing on migratory routes, you can meet the raptors marked in other countries, as follows:

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The third cycle of counts of BP in the alienated zone of CAPS

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The third cycle of counts of large birds of prey during winter 2008-2009 was carried out 17-20.02.2009. Snowfalls, started on the threshold of counts, have returned leaving winter. The ground was covered with fresh snow, but on the rivers Pripyat and Uzh big ice-holes were formed. Therefore, the wintering birds were dispersed. The renewed frosts equaled to – 6 °C at night, in the afternoon the temperature kept within 0… +1°C.

On February, 17th we surveyed the left bank of the Pripyat going along the route of the last census. On ponds of river Nesvich, where in January White-tailed Eagles had concentrated, only 3 juveniles were noticed. The ice-hole at the sluice strongly increased, and we did not observe any signs of fish suffocation in this season. One young White-tailed Eagle was met at the village of Staroselye. Further we surveyed the left bank of Pripyat upstream till the Belarus border (Mosany village). There we did not register any White-tailed Eagle. Survey of areas of the Kyiv Reservoir at villages of Ladyzhichi and Teremtsy also did not brought desirable results. Carrying out of counts was negatively affected by snow going during the daylight, so visibility sometimes worsened to 800 m.
On February, 18th because of abundant snowfalls which did not allow to carry out high-grade researches, we were forced to refuse visits for counts.
On February, 19th it was wonderful windless and sunny weather. We surveyed areas of an upper reaches of the Kyiv Reservoir from Domantov Island. So we moved ahead to the Pripyat mouth and finished a route near the mouth of Uzh River. That day 7 young White-tailed Eagles were counted. At the nest of White-tailed Eagles, found in December near the village of Otashev, we did not see any signs of presence of adult birds. It was still under a snow layer. It was unknown why birds did not start repairing the nest. They probably abandoned it or would appear at the nest later.
On February, 20th we spent a part of day at the Uzh mouth. There were some meetings of young birds, number of the counted birds equaled to 2-3 individuals.

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