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New Data on the Long-legged Buzzard in Kyiv region

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The Long-legged Buzzard is the species listed in the Red Data Book in Ukraine. During last decades its range expanded. Breeding sites were revealed in Kyiv region as well (Grishchenko 2002, 2003; Domashevsky, Kostyushin, Pismenny 2008). However, today we are still poor-known of a complete picture of distribution and numbers of the species. In addition, characteristics of the species ecology near the northern border of its range are also a question of interest.

During 1-3 May, 2009 for further study of distribution and ecology of the Long-legged Buzzard we examined in the field trip the southern part of Kyiv region (the right bank of the Dnieper). Our studies covered Mironovka, Tarashcha, Boguslav and Rakitnoye districts. Main attention was paid to systems of gullies as they are most promising for breeding of this species. We were focused at searching territorial Long-legged Buzzards and their nests. The distance of 435 km was covered by car. Except for gullies, edges of forest sites and small areas of the Ros’ River floodplain were visited. In spite of unfavourable prognosis, the weather was in general fine for researches as it rained only twice during the period.

In total, we have found 5 pairs of the Long-legged Buzzard not known before, three of them with occupied nests. Read the rest of this entry »

Materials of ІІІ International Scientific Conference «Birds of prey of Ukraine» have been published

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Modern Study of Birds of Prey and Owls. Materials of ІІІ International Scientific Conference «Birds of prey and Owls of Ukraine»

Modern Study of Birds of Prey and Owls. Materials of ІІІ International Scientific Conference «Birds of prey and Owls of Ukraine», Kryvyi Rih, 24–25 October 2008 / Gavrilyuk M.N., Fesenko H.V. (eds.). – Kryvyi Rih, 2008. – 412 p.

The book includes reports and posters submitted on scientific conference held in Kryvyi Rih on October 2008 and contains data of last study in broad range of questions of ecology, protection and use of birds of prey and owls distributed mainly in Eastern Europe. Materials of the book can be interested by professional ornithologists, environmental workers and amateurs in pedigreed pigeons breeding and falconry.

If you are not an author of one of articles included in the book, it costs for you 25 UAH. The book can be bought in Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Bogdan Hmelnitsky str, 15 – to apply to Hennadiy Fesenko.

If you want to receive the book by post, contact please Yurij Milobog For additional information just send a message to

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Gavrilyuk, M.N. Practical guides for the monitoring program of birds of prey in Ukraine (2009).

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Open file

Gavrilyuk, M.N. Practical guides for the monitoring program of birds of prey in Ukraine (2009). − Cherkasy, 2009. − 20 p.

[in Ukrainian] File size 1.3 МB, – pdf.

The book is a component of the UBPRC initiative to provide regular monitoring for diurnal birds of prey and owls in Ukraine. It includes issues of organization and implementation of the monitoring program. Published in Ukrainian.

Specialist Meeting on the Conservation of the Saker Falcon

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5-7 April, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, was held the meeting to discuss the status and conservation of the Saker Falcon.

The meeting was hosted by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, EAD and International Wildlife Consultants Ltd., IWC (Great Britain).

The agenda included three main sections of issues. The first section reviewed current knowledge of the Saker range and numbers. The second considered problems of CITES, and the third raised problems of captive breeding of the bird in countries of Europe and GCC (the Gulf Cooperation Council).

Reports from all Saker Range Countries were presented. From Ukraine reported Vitaly Vetrov and Yury Milobog, members of the Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre. Their presentation told about distribution and numbers of this raptor in Ukraine and Moldova. Basing on results of researches from other European countries it has been concluded that Ukraine holds the biggest population of the Saker in European part of the range. Nowadays the species numbers in Ukraine are estimated up to 270-310 breeding pairs. Majority of the population concentrates in the steppe zone and nests on poles of power lines.

Among reports of other participants we would like to pay attention to the following ones.
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