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New species of the Red Data Book of Ukraine

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It is done. Recently it was approved a list of animals species which will be included in a new (third) edition of the Red Data Book of Ukraine. The list was long-expecting as according to the latest information this autumn the Red Data Book itself is planned to be printed.

Thus, the new list was approved by the order of Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukrain No 313 of 17.06.2009 “About approval of lists of animal species which are included in the Red Data Book of Ukriane (animal world) and animal species which are excluded from the Red Data Book of Ukraine (animal world)”, registered in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with No 627/16643 of 13 July 2009.
In general, numbers of species in the Red Data Book increased from 67 (in the second edition) to 86 (in the third edition). At this no one species was excluyded comparing with the previous edition. As for birds of prey their number was added by 4 species. They are Black Kite, Montagu’s Harrier, Short-eared Owl and Scops Owl.
I have to disappoint future readers of the Red Data Book of Ukraine. Similar to previous editions there will be only one page dedicated for each species so it will be rather short information.
Below there is the list of animals which are to be included to the Red Data Book of Ukraine (Falconiformes and Owls): Read the rest of this entry »

Searching for breeding sites of the Spotted Eagle in the north of Chernihiv region

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In late June-early July 2009 it was the expedition with aim to reveal breeding places of Spotted Eagle in the north of Chernihiv region. The expedition was taken under the project competition announced by Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre.

A question of accurate definition of distribution and numbers of the Spotted Eagle in Ukraine is still open. Till mid-1990s this Eagle has bred in most regions of Ukraine (Zubarovsky 1977). Researches of last decades proved existence of the Spotted Eagle only in the north-west of Ukraine, namely in Rivne and Volyn region (Dombrovsky 2007). Owing to our colleagues from Byelorus, after their special counts, it was found out that majority of Belorussian Spotted Eagles inhabits Prypyatskoye Polissia in the areas neighboring to Ukraine. A part of this breeding group also inhabits the area of Ukraine. At present there are no reliable data proving breeding of this species in other regions.

The Spotted Eagle looks much alike a related and more numerous species of the Lesser Spotted Eagle which often causes misidentification by ornithologists.
In Ukraine the Spotted Eagle is sometimes observed on migration. Rough estimation of the bird numbers within Ukraine shows only 10 to 20 pairs. Surely, comprehensive investigation of its prospective breeding places in the near future can give a more precise picture of the Spotted Eagle population. This is the aim why we undertook expedition to the north of Chernihiv region.
This species of Eagle prefers breeding and hunting on wet areas without or with minimum of human activity. Also it avoids the areas with settlements located nearby. Read the rest of this entry »