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Results of an expedition to Tuzlovsky Limans in June 2009

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From 24-27 June 2009 the expedition surveyed Tuzlovsky Limans (the south of Odessa region). The aim was to reveal breeding sites of Charadriifromes and count their numbers. At the same time there were counted other bird species including raptors. The expedition was participated by Konstantin Redinov (the city of Ochakov), Pavel Panchenko (the city of Odessa), and Oleg Formanyuk (the city of Yuzhny).

The territory was ridden by a car ‘Moskvich’. The primary plan was to follow the shoreline of waterbodies following from the north to south, namely from the village of Lebedivka to lower reaches of Sasyk Lake. However, due to lack of fuel we had to change the foreseen route, and from the village of Zhovtyi Yar we went to a refueling station in the city of Tatarbunary (there wasn’t any refueling station in the villages near limans). Thus, we found ourselves in lower reaches of the Kogylnyk river valley and stayed there for the night. After that we continued our trip. From the place of our night shelter we reached the southern part of Shagany Lake and then following the shoreline of this liman and Karachaus Liman we came to the village of Zhovtyi Yar.

It was investigated 90% of coastal area of Tuzlovsky Limans. The areas along the shore of lakes with lack of roads were non-covered. We did not visit Lebedivska Spit that separates limans from the sea. According to I.P.Gerzhik (2000) about 12 pairs of Common Kestrel breed on this spit annually.

Among birds of prey the following species were recorded. Read the rest of this entry »