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Monitoring and search for nests of birds of prey in Kyiv region

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From 8 to 10 May 2010 to monitor the well-known breeding areas of birds of prey and search for new, there were conducted fieldtrips to the left bank and right bank area of Kyiv Polissia.

One day was devoted to researches in Vyshgorod district, on the right bank of the Desna which is a tributary of the Dnieper. There were also surveyed the neighboring areas of Chernihiv region. It was examined the north-eastern part of the vast swamp Ostrovs’ke, represented by a wet area overgrown with birch trees and willows; conducted observations in the southern part of Vydra marsh and in the floodplain of the floodplain of the Desna.

A total of 11 species of birds of prey were registered. Among Red Data Book species there were recorded the White-tailed Eagle, a pair of Black Kites, and also previously know 3 pairs of the Lesser Spotted Eagles and a pair of the Shot-toed Eagles. Among other species: the Honey Buzzard – one territorial bird, Marsh Harrier – 1 pair, Common Buzzard – 8 pairs, Sparrowhawk – 3 pairs, Goshawk – 1 pair, Hobby Falcon – 4 pairs, Common Kestrel – 1 pair. During the period of study it was registered a weak migration of birds, observed 1 individual of the Honey Buzzard, 1 of Marsh Harrier, and 1 of Hobby Falcon.

In the right bank area of Polissia on 9 and 10th May we investigated Borodianka and Ivankiv district and Polissia area. There were investigated forest stands, open areas near island forests, some territories of the Teteriv River floodplain, and sites of small river valleys. There were recorded 9 species of birds of prey. We observed the Short-toed Eagle on the previously known territory. New breeding areas were found: the Honey Buzzard – 1 pair, Montagu’s Harrier – 2 males, Marsh Harrier – 9 pairs, Sparrowhawk – 6 pairs, Common Buzzard – 17 pairs, Short-toed Eagle – 1 pair, Lesser Spotted Eagle – 3 pairs, Hobby Falcon – 3 birds. Pairs of Hobby Falcon kept near the raven’s nests. Some nests of Ravens still had chicks going to fledge. Small falcons waited when host leave their nests to occupy them.

Sergey Domashevsky, Vasily Kostyushin, Konstantin Pismennyi

Technique on attracting small birds of prey for breeding on the territory of Regional Landscape Park “Mezhrechenskii”

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In spring 2010 we started works to attract birds of prey in artificial nests on the territory of RLP “Mezhrechenskii” located in Kozelets and Chernihiv districts of Chernihiv region.

As nesting platforms we used old wicker baskets, some of which had previously been repaired. Installed baskets are substitutes for natural nests of Corvidae, readily populated by those species of birds of prey, who themselves do not build their nests. Baskets were filled with forest litter with a small admixture of soil. Installed nests were fixed with wire.

Sites for nests installation were selected in the forests near open areas, which are most preferred habitats of Long-eared Owls and two species of small falcons: Hobby Falcon and Kestrel. To do this, we also have mounted nests in the Desna floodplain. For successful occupation of baskets by small falcons we placed them in the top of the crown, for Long-eared Owls location of a nest on the tree was unprincipled.
In future, to attract birds of prey in the park, we plan to increase the number of installed artificial nests for both diurnal and nocturnal raptors.

Sergey Domashevsky