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Results of Ukrainian-Slovac expedition to the north of Ukraine

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25.07 − 1.08.2010 it took place the joint expedition of the Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre and Slovak ornithologists, directed at studying raptors in the north of Ukraine.

Our guests was Miroslav Dravecky – coordinator on the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Slovakia, Miroslav Lehocky – expert on birds of prey, staff-worker of the Slovak Paradise National Park, Milan Oleksak – a representative of the Ringing Centre “Drienovec”, located at the territory of the Slovak Karst National Park.

Photo by M.Dravecky, S.Domashevsky

The Slovak colleagues were interested to observe very rare species for their country – Short-toed Eagle и Booted Eagle. At the present time in Slovakia breeds only one pair of the Short-toed Eagles, living in the eastern part of the country, while the Booted Eagle disappeared on breeding. Therefore we decided to visit Polissia where the Short-toed Eagle is distributed rather widely and, if possible, to come to the south of the forest-steppe zone for our guests to have chance of seeing the Booted Eagle. For Ukrainian ornithologists, this expedition gave the opportunity to monitor already known pairs of birds of prey and receive new data on their distribution.

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Monitoring of raptors in 2009

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Last year we proposed to join the efforts for monitoring of raptors in Ukraine. Results of monitoring are still submitting to us even after the year passed, therefore we present the data for 2009 only now.

Generally, we have received few communications, which do not completely reflect the status of monitoring of falcons and owls. The monitoring information was sent by V.Vetrov, S.Domashevksy, Yu.Milobog, V.Novak, A.Salnik, K.Pysmennyi, K.Redinov, P.Panchenko, V.Syzhko, O.Formanyuk.

In 2009 ornithologists did monitoring of some species of birds of prey in several regions of Ukraine:
Long-legged Buzzard (Vitaly Vetrov та Yury Milobog − controlled 10 pairs, Konstantin Redinov − tracked results of breeding of 10 pairs: Sergey Domashevsky and Maxim Gavrilyuk − controlled 5 pairs);
White-tailed Eagle (Maxim Gavrilyuk) − controlled 5 breeding sites;
Imperial Eagle (Yury Milobog, Vitaly Vetrov) controlled 8 breeding sites;
Short-toed Eagle (Konstantin Pysmennyi) − tracked results of breeding of 7 pairs;
Saker Falcon (Yury Milobog, Vitaly Vetrov) − tracked results of breeding of 7 pairs;
Eagle Owl (Vitaly Vetrov) − tracked results of breeding of approximately 50 pairs.

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Research on the population status of birds of prey in the alienated zone of the Chornobyl Atomic Power Station in summer 2010

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During June-July 2010 we have three times traveled to the alienated zone of the Chornobyl Atomic Power Station (CAPS), which noticeably added to our knowledge of raptors in this area. A number of visits had been also taken before, to study wintering fauna of Falconiformes.

Two visits in the alienated zone of CAPS have been associated with our participation in shooting a documentary movie about nature and self-settled people in the alienated zone. Therefore, materials on birds during these visits were collected along the way, although they gave good results. From 5 to 08.07.2010, this area has been surveyed to determine distribution and numbers of birds of prey.

We used the methodology of point census. Working in open areas where raptors are well- visible, we did counts with the optics at fixed points for a certain period of time. We recorded flying and hunting birds. Thus, we have partly examined a central section of the Uzh river valley, some of the reclaimed areas, abandoned farmlands and meadows. Birds of prey were also recorded during our movements. It has been also surveyed by vessel the section downstream from Chornobyl through the Pripyat river delta to the confluence with Kyiv Reservoir and in the opposite direction. Taking into account meanders of the river, the distance of the journey by vessel was about 60 km. Within the zone, we investigated the area of Ivankovo Region and only few areas of Polissia Region. We didn’t survey large forest stands of the north-western part of the alinetated zone – Polissia Region.

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