Monitoring of raptors in 2009

Last year we proposed to join the efforts for monitoring of raptors in Ukraine. Results of monitoring are still submitting to us even after the year passed, therefore we present the data for 2009 only now.

Generally, we have received few communications, which do not completely reflect the status of monitoring of falcons and owls. The monitoring information was sent by V.Vetrov, S.Domashevksy, Yu.Milobog, V.Novak, A.Salnik, K.Pysmennyi, K.Redinov, P.Panchenko, V.Syzhko, O.Formanyuk.

In 2009 ornithologists did monitoring of some species of birds of prey in several regions of Ukraine:
Long-legged Buzzard (Vitaly Vetrov та Yury Milobog − controlled 10 pairs, Konstantin Redinov − tracked results of breeding of 10 pairs: Sergey Domashevsky and Maxim Gavrilyuk − controlled 5 pairs);
White-tailed Eagle (Maxim Gavrilyuk) − controlled 5 breeding sites;
Imperial Eagle (Yury Milobog, Vitaly Vetrov) controlled 8 breeding sites;
Short-toed Eagle (Konstantin Pysmennyi) − tracked results of breeding of 7 pairs;
Saker Falcon (Yury Milobog, Vitaly Vetrov) − tracked results of breeding of 7 pairs;
Eagle Owl (Vitaly Vetrov) − tracked results of breeding of approximately 50 pairs.

In 2009 monitoring of bird of prey (partly or complete) was carried out on 10 sample sites:
− 7 sites in Mykolaiv Region (Konstantin Redinov);
− 1 site in Letychiv District of Khmelnytskyi Region (Vladimir Novak);
− 1 site in Kryvyi Rih District of Dniepropetrovsk Region (Anatoly Salnik);
− 1 site in Cherkasy District of Cherkasy Region (Maxim Gavrilyuk).

It was received information about breeding results in 66 nests of 12 species:
Marsh Harrier − 3 nests,
Goshawk − 2 nests,
Levant Sparrowhawk − 1 nest,
Common Buzzard − 11 nests,
Long-legged Buzzard − 10 nests,
Short-toed Eagle − 5 nests,
White-tailed Eagle − 3 nests,
Red-footed Falcon − 7 гнізд,
Hobby Falcon − 2 nests,
Kestrel − 6 nests,
Little Owl − 3 nests,
Long-eared Owl − 11 nests.

The information on breeding success of birds of prey was submitted from ornithologists:
Domashevsky S., Vetrov V. (24 nests),
Salnik A. (15 nests),
Redinov K. (10 nests),
Pysmennyi K. (5 nests),
Vetrov V. (4 nests),
Novak V. (3 nests),
Syzhko V. (2 nests),
Gavrilyuk M. (1 nest),
Redinov K., Panchenko P., Formanyuk O. (1 nest),

If your materials were not included in this report, please contact us.

Maxim Gavrilyuk

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