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New issue of journal «Strepet» published

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The new number of Stepet journal has been published. – 2010. – Vol. 8, Iss. 2. The journal includes the following publications on birds of prey:

Belik V.P. Short-toed Eagle in the North Caucasus // С. 34-59. [in Russian]

Efimenko N.N. Short-toed Eagle in Turkmenistan: distribution, breeding ecology, current numbers and conservation // С. 60-85. [in Russian]

Tilba P.A. Passage of Red-footed Falcon in the North-Western Caucasus // С. 94-98. [in Russian]

Komarov Yu.E. Red-footed Falcon in Northern Ossetia // С. 99-100. [in Russian]

Dinkevich M.A., Markitan L.V. Recording of obligatory necrophage birds in the plain part of Adygea Republic (near the town of Krasnodar) // C. 101-105. [in Russian]

If you would like to purchase the journal please contact the editor Viktor Belik (, in Ukraine – to Yury Milobog (

Results of spring counts in the alienated zone of Chornobyl Atomic Power Station (CAPS) in March 2011

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This work continues of our studies of birds of prey fauna in the alienated zone of Chornobyl Atomic Power Station.

The Chornobyl alienated zone always attracts researches with its wild surroundings almost deprived of traces of human activity, and with abundance of various groups of animals and birds. We used a chance to realize our old desire for searching Strigiformes birds in this region, and carried out counts 21 to 25.03.2011.

For this purpose we applied a well-known method of provoking owls by records of their voices. In forest sites we played voices of the Pygmy and Tengmalm’s Owls, Great Grey Owl, in open areas – those of the Eagle Owl. Records of the Tawny Owl we used only occasionally since the species is numerous in forest areas and frequently responses voices of the above-mentioned owl species.

Information on availability of owls in the alienated zone is very poor. Data on the Great Grey Owl is limited by 6 encounters, mainly in the western part of the zone (Gashchak et al. 2006; Domashevsky 2004; pers. comm. A.V. Yastremsky). A Pygmy Owl was observed in twilight at Belorus border by S.P. Gashchak 30.06.2009 (pers. comm.) In addition, there were several records of the Eagle Owl including a fledgling found nearby the atomic station (Gashchak et al. 2006).

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