Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls in North Eurasia

27-30 September 2012, the 6th International Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls in North Eurasia “Birds of Prey in the Dynamic Environment of the Third Millennium: Status and Prospects” was held in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

The proceedings are published in two volumes, 117 papers in a total. In Russian with English summaries. One article is completely in English.
First volume covers different species of birds of prey, another one is dedicated only to Buzzards Buteo. Contributors are 164 ornithologists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Hungary, Finland, Great Britain, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

To order the proceedings please address Anna Rashevskaya the Secretary of the Conference Organization Committee ( The price of the ‘birds of prey’ volume is 15 Euro, and the price of ‘buzzards’ volume is 5 Euro (shipping costs are not included).

The table of contents of both books in English is pasted below.

Birds of Prey in the Dynamic Environment of the 3rd Millenium: Status and Prospects
Khishchnye ptitsy v dinamicheskoi srede tretyego tysyacheletiya: sostoyanie i perspektivy [Birds of Prey in the Dynamic Environment of the 3rd Millenium: Status and Prospects: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls of North Eurasia, Kryvyi Rig, 27-30 September 2012] / Gavrilyuk M.N. (eds.). – Kryvyi Rih: Pub. Chernjavskyj D.A., 2012. – 616 p.

Foreword 5-6.

Palaeontology, morphology and systematics
Gavris G.G., Taikova S.V., Demidenko Yu.E. The unique discovery of the Golden Eagle remains from Early Upper Paleolithic period in the Crimea. 7-17.
Zhukov V.S. The taxonomic list of birds of prey and owl species of Northern Eurasia. 18-25.
Zinoviev A.V. The White-tailed Eagle: the history of interaction with people in Eurasia (according to archaeozoological materials). 26-31.
Mityai I.S., Seliverstov N.M., Strigunov V.I Egg shape and prospect of its use in the taxonomy and phylogeny of the diurnal birds of prey. 32-48.
Fadeeva E.O. Fine structure features in the definitive contour feathers of owls. 49-53.
Fadeeva E.O., Babenko V.G. The primaries’ microstructure features of the White-tailed Eagle. 54-60.
Short communications
Vinogradov A.A., Zinoviev A.V. Preliminary сommunication on the adaptive differences of bill shape between sexes in two species of Accipitridae with comments on the evolution of the reversed sexual dimorphism in birds. 61-64.
Tsvelykh A.N. The Eagle Owl in the Late Pleistocene of the Crimea. 64-66.

Distribution, numbers and population
Abramova I.V., Gaiduk V.E. Falconiformes of the south-west of Belarus: current status. 67-72.
Alferaki M.M., Belik V.P., Franquien Y.J., Shergalin J.E. Vultures in Odesa vicinities. 73-78.
Atamas’ N.S., Kukshin A.A., Loparev S.A. On the distribution and number dynamics of breeding owls in Kyiv. 79-86.
Belik V.P., Vetrov V.V., Milobog Yu.V., Gugueva E.V. Dynamics of the range and numbers of the Red-footed Falcon in the South of Russia. 87-122.
Boldbaatar Sh., Bukreev S.A., Zvonov B.M. The falcons of Mongolia. 123-130.
Bragin E.A., Katzner T., Bragin A.E. Population size, age structure, mortality and spatial relations of the population of the Imperial Eagle at forest patches of Kustanay Region. 131-141.
Bragin A.E., Lipkovitch A.D. Birds of prey and owls of Rostovsky Nature Reserve. 142-151.
Grishanov G.V. Birds of prey in the south-eastern part of the Baltic region: current status, major trends and perspectives of populations. 152-160.
Yefimenko N.N. The modern status of breeding Falconiformes in Turkmenistan. 161-167.
Ilyukh M.P. The present status of the Lesser Kestrel population in Stavropol Territory. 168-173.
Kuznetsov A.V., Babushkin M.V. Change in the structure of the birds of prey community in Sheksna – Mologa Lowland as the result of establishment of the Rybinsk Reservoir and Darwin Nature Reserve. 174-179.
Kuzmenko T.N., Kuzmenko Yu.V. The diurnal birds of prey in agrilandscapes of the forest and forest-steppe zone situated to the east of the Dnieper River in Ukraine. 180-186.
Makarova T.V. Influence of weather factors, breeding density and food abundance on the long-term dynamics of the Long-eared Owl in Moscow. 187-190.
Melnikov V.N. The comparative analysis of Falconiformes populations in the territories of different landscape complexes of Ivanovo region. 191-196.
Milobog Yu.V., Vetrov V.V. Assessment of the Red-footed Falcon population status in Ukraine. 197-205.
Mitrofanov O.B. The White-tailed Eagle distribution features in the Republic of Altai. 206-210.
Moroz V.A., Galuschenko S.V., Timoshenkov V.A. Fauna of birds of prey of «Trekhizbenskiy» permanent study area (Luhansk Region). 211-214.
Pchelintsev V.G. The number and territorial distribution of diurnal birds of prey in the North-West European part of Russia. 215-219.
Romanov V.V., Bykov Y.A., Sergeyev M.A. Fauna of birds of prey in Vladimir Region at the end of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries. 220-227.
Ryabtsev V.V. Changes in the populations of diurnal birds of prey in the forest-steppe Pre-Baikal area in 1998–2007: results of automobile counts. 228-233.
Slashchinina Y.A. Monitoring of Falconiformes in Klyazminskii Republican Game Reserve (Ivanovo region). 234-237.
Sokolov A.Yu., Shapovalov A.S. The modern breeding fauna of Falconiformes of the “Belogorye” Nature Reserve (Belgorod Region). 238-243.
Sukhodolov E.A. Small falcons in the semidesert Trans-Volga River area of Volgograd Region. 244-248.
Fedun A.N., Semiroz A.V. Distribution and number of the Black Kite in Chernihiv Region. 249-252.
Khokhlov A.N., Ilyukh M.P., Babenko V.G. On the summer fauna of birds of prey at the Lower Kuma River. 253-258.
Chalikova E.S. Owls in the Western Tien Shan. 259-274.
Chudnenko D.E. Birds of prey of the central agricultural area of Ivanovo Region. 275-285.
Chudnenko D.E., Melnikov V.N., Kashtanov A.L. Falconiformes of the Northern Part of Balakhninskaya Lowland. 286-291.
Shepel А.I. The owls of the Volga-Kama area (distribution, number, status). 292-303.
Short communications
Bogomolov D.V., Shubin A.O. Notes on birds of prey of Dodoma Region, Central Tanzania. 304-307.
Karasyov S.A. The distribution and number of forest owl species in the “Zhuravlinaya Rodina” Reserve (Moscow Region). 308-311.
Kostin A.B. Changes in the Harriers numbers and status in the «Kaluzhskie Zaseki» Nature Reserve. 311-313.
Nikitina L.D. The long-term dynamics of the Long-eared Owl and Short-eared Owl in the north of Moscow Region and its correlation to the abundance of small mammals. 314-317.
Rezanov A.G., Zakharova N.Ju., Rezanov A.A. Raptors along the Middle Istra River (North-West of Moscow). 317-319.
Rusev I.T., Petrovich Z.O., Redinov K.А., Rad’kov D.V. Discovery of the White-tailed Eagle nest in a field protection forest belt in Mykolaiv Region. 320-322.

Abuladze A.V., Beruchashvili G.A. The Short-toed Eagle in the Central and Western Parts of the South Caucasus. 323-329.
Babushkin M.V., Kuznetsov A.V. Diet of the Osprey in the Darwin Nature Reserve (North-Western Russia). 330-334.
Grishchenko V.N., Gavrilyuk M.N. The White-tailed Eagle in Kaniv Reserve and its surroundings. 335346.
Zaika S.V. The Little Owl ecology in an anthropogenically transformed environment. 341
Ivanovski V.V. The Lesser Spotted Eagle in Vitebsk Region of Belarus: 30 years of research. 347-356.
Korovin V.A., Nekrasov A.E. The structure of trophic links and stability of the Imperial Eagle nesting groups in the southern taiga and steppe Transurals. 357-362.
Malovychko L.V. Characteristics of breeding and biology of the Imperial Eagle in Stavropol Territory. 363-372.
Malovichko L.V., Gavrilov A.I., Fedosov V.N. Characteristics of distribution, breeding and diet of the Eagle Owl in the steppes of Stavropol Territory. 373-379.
Mishta A.V., Fedun A.N., Taykova S.Yu. Winter diet of the Long-eared owl in Chernihiv Region of Ukraine. 380-385.
Ponomarenko O.L., Onufriev R.A. The White-tailed Eagle in the «Dniprovsko-Orilskyi» Nature Reserve. 386-393.
Strigunov V.I., Rashevskaya A.V. Preliminary inventory of souslik colonies in the steppe zone of Ukraine according to analysis of birds of prey’s diet. 394-400.
Rodimtsev A.S., Miklyaeva M.A., Skryleva L.F. Features of clutch incubation, duration of hatching and characteristics of the Red-footed Falcon hatched chicks in Manych Valley. 401-406.
Fundukchiev S.E. The nesting ecology and population number of the Scops Owl in Uzbekistan. 407-413.
Yanchuk I. S. On the biology of the Hobby Falcon on the eastern outskirts of Kryvyi Rih. 414-419.
Short communications
Buslakov V.V. Diet composition and variation of the Common Kestrels in the northern part of Moscow Region. 420-422.
Vlasenko V.N., Pilipenko D.V., Reznik A.S. Breeding of the White-tailed Eagle and Imperial Eagle in Oleksandrivka District of Donetsk Region. 423-428.
Egorova N.A., Kharitonov S.P. On the Peregrine Falcon diet in the Agapa River Basin (Central Taimyr). 428-430.
Sharikov A. V., Volkov S. V., Makarova T.V., Nikitina L.D., Sviridova T.M., Grinchenko O.S. Phenological aspects of biology of the Long-eared and Short-eared Owls in the north of Moscow Region. 431-433.

Migrations and wintering
Prommer M., Milobog Yu., Gavrilyuk M., Vetrov V., Bagyura J. Relationship between the Central and East European Saker falcon populations based on results of ringing schemes and satellite-tracking. 434-445.
Andryushchenko Yu.A. , Kostyushyn V.A. , Kucherenko V.N., Popenko V.M. The results of census of raptors in the dry-steppe subzone of Ukraine in the winter of 2011-2012. 446-459.
Gaidash O., Yakovlev M., Korzukov A., Rusev I., Radkov D. The results of counts of Falconiformes and Strigiformes in the North-Western Black Sea region in the winter of 2011–2012. 460-465.
Gavrilyuk M.N., Ilyukha A.V., Borysenko N.N. Autumn migration of Falconiformes in the area of Kremenchuh Reservoir. 466-473.
Grishchenko V.N., Yablonovska-Grishchenko E.D. The White-tailed Eagle wintering on the Dnieper River near Kaniv during 2011/2012. 474-478.
Dinkevich M.A. Records of birds of prey over the water area of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea in spring (by shipboard surveys). 479-485.
Domashevsky S.V. The results of research on the migration of diurnal birds of prey in Kyiv Region during 1992–2004. 486-492.
Oleinik D.S. On the raptor migration in the Western Danube River region in the autumn of 2011. 493-499.
Poluda A.M. On migratory movements of owls in Ukraine. 500-507.
Shevtsov A.A. Winter surveys of raptors in Kirovohrad Region. 508-511.
Short communication
Nadtochiy A.S. A vagrant Pallas’s Fish-eagle in Ukraine. 512-514.

Dyatlova M.V. On the basic components of the nuptial behaviour of diurnal birds of prey. 515-519.
Shekhovtsov S.M. Effect of weather and the moon phase on the vocal activity of the Tawny and Pygmy Owls. 520-524.

Parasites and predators
Bragina T.M., Pak V.V. On the fauna of ectoparasites of diurnal birds of prey in the Naurzum Nature Reserve. 525-529.
Matyukhin A.V., Zabashta A.V., Zabashta M.V. Louse Flies (Hippoboscidae) of Falconiformes and Strigiformes in Palearctic. 530-533.
Short communication
Merzlikin I.R., Savostyan V.M. On catch of some owl species by the Fox and Domestic Cat. 534-536.

Bird of prey and people
Galushin V.M., Reif V.E., Shergalin E.E. Threat of a return of the past danger for common raptor. 537-541.
Domashevsky S.V. The species composition and number of diurnal birds of prey in Kyiv. 542-544.
Zvonov B.M., Bukreev S.A., Boldbaatar Sh. Birds, electric transmission and communication lines in Mongolia. 545-552.
Kurashkina N.A. Messengerism of owls in human dreams. 553-557.
Lykov E.L. Breeding diurnal birds of prey in European cities. 558-565.
Saltykov A.V. Ulyanovsk resolution «Birds and Power Supply Lines-2011» as the basis for the joint action plan to neutralize bird-killing electric power equipment in the counties of the former USSR. 566-573.
Kitel D.A., Kalchenko O.I., Rak A.V., Yankevich Y.A. Metal buckets and wooden boxes as artificial nest-boxes for the Long-eared Owls. 574-576.
Korepov M.V. Preliminary results of the «Conservation of the Imperial Eagle program realization in Ulyanovsk Region». 577-580.
Mikhaylenko N.S., Byome I.R., Sarychev E.I. Release of captive bred raptors as a method of their conservation and restoration on the example of the Kestrel. 581-584.
Tischenkov A.A., Aptekov A.A., Medvedenko D.V., Romanovich N.A. Falconiformes and Strigiformes in the Red Data Book of the Dniester Moldavian Republic. 585-594.

Museums and bibliographies
Kunsbaeva G.B., Duryagina, V.V. Falconiformes species in the collection of the Zoological Scientifi c-Training Center of Bashkirian State University. 595-596.
Peklo A.M. New acquisitions of Falconiformes and Strigiformes to the ornithological collection of the National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine. 597-599.
Shergalin J.E. Kirill Vladimirovich Martino and his publications on the birds of prey of Yugoslavia. 600-602.
Shergalin J.E. New foreign books on raptors published in 2008-2012. 603-606.

Buzzards of Northern Eurasia: distribution, population status, biology
Kanyuki Severnoi Evrazii: rasprostranenie, sostoyanie populyatsij, biologiya [Buzzards of Northern Eurasia: distribution, population status, biology: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls in North Eurasia, Kryvyi Rih, 27-30 September 2012] / Melnikov V.N. (eds.). – Kryvyi Rih: OOO “Centr-Print”, 2012. – 272 p.

Foreword. 5-6.

Alexeyenko M.N., Fefelov I.V., Povarintsev A.I. Autumn migration of the Common Buzzard at Southern Baikal. 7-15.
Boldbaatar Sh., Bukreev S.A., Zvonov B.M. The Buzzards of Mongolia. 16-19.
Bukreev S.A. Materials on the biology of the Long-legged Buzzard in the southwestern Kopet Dagh (Turkmenistan). 20-21.
Gavrilyuk M.N., Domashevsky S.V. The history of the formation and current status of the Buzzard wintering in Ukraine. 22-35.
Domashevsky S.V. Adaptive behavior of the Common Buzzard in winter in the urbanized landscape. 36-37.
Zavialov E.V. , Mosolova E.Yu., Tabachishin V.G. Distribution and some ecological aspects of the Long-legged Buzzard in the Saratov Trans-Volga Region. 38-41.
Ilyukh M.P. The Buzzard in ecosystems of the Ciscaucasia. 42-60.
Kostin A. B. Territorial distribution, population dynamics and ecology of the Buzzard in the south of Kaluga Region. 61-73.
Kulikova O.Y. Spatial distribution of nests and breeding success of the Rough-legged Buzzard in Malozemelskaya tundra. 74-84.
Lobkov E.G. The Rough-legged Buzzard in Kamchatka. 85-107.
Melnikov V.N., Buslaev S.V. The Common Buzzard in the Eastern Upper Volga Region. 108-121.
Mechnikova S.A., Kudryavtsev N.V., Romanov M.S. On the site fidelity of the Rough-legged Buzzard in the south of Yamal Peninsula (Western Siberia, Russia). 122-127.
Moroz V.A. Towards ecology of the Common Buzzard in the Severskyi Donets River Valley (Luhansk Region). 128-135.
Muzaev V.M., Erdnenov G.I., Erdny-Garyayev B.E., Antonova E.V. On the problem of current numbers and nesting ecology of the Long-legged Buzzard in the Black Lands (the Republic of Kalmykia). 136-145.
Muzaev V.M., Erdnenov G.I., Badmaev V.E., Medjidov R.A., Davaev A.M. Towards the problem of current numbers and breeding ecology of the Long-legged Buzzard in Sarpinskaya Lowland. 146-154.
Redinov K.А. Trophic links of the Buzzard in Ukraine. 155-168.
Rezanov A.G., Rezanov A.A. Assessment of diversity and quantitative data of the Common Buzzard feeding behaviour. 169-183.
Romanov V.V. Limiting factors of the Common Buzzard and the Rough-legged Buzzard in Moscow suburbs and Oka Terraced Reserve. 184-201.
Ryabtsev V.V. The Upland Buzzard in Pre-Baikal Region. 202-212.
Sokolov A.Yu. Some aspects of the Long-legged Buzzard ecology in the Nature Reserve «Belogorye» (Belgorod Region). 213-217.
Strigunov V.I. The state of populations of the Common Buzzard and Long-legged Buzzard in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine during the 1980s. 218-236.
Fadeeva E.O. Features of fine structure of the primary remex of the Rough-legged Buzzard and Common Buzzard. 237-242.
Frolov V.V., Korkina S.A. The notes on the condition of the Common Buzzard in the south of the forest steppe Volga region. 243-251.
Chalikova E.S. Buzzards in the Western Tien Shan. 252-258.
Shevtsov A.A. Distribution, population number and biology of the Common Buzzard in Oleksandria District, Kirovohrad Region, Ukraine. 259-265.
Shergalin J.E. Review of the monograph by Colin R.Tubbs (1974) on The Buzzard. David & Charles, Newton Abbot. 200 p. 266-267.

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