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Searching territories prospective to attract the Saker Falcon in artificial nests in the Crimea

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From 27.02 to 3.03.2010 we conducted a survey of territories in the Crimea, prospective to attract the Saker Falcon in artificial nests. Simultaneously, the material was collected on fauna of birds of prey.

Studies were carried out in the territories of Dzhankoi, Krasnoperkopsk, Krasnohvardiiske, Nyzhn’ohirskyi, Sovietskyi, Kirovske, Feodosia, Lenine and Kerch districts. Counts of birds of prey were also done along the highway in Kherson region till the border of Dnipropetrovsk.

In the north of Kherson region there were clear evidences of winter, snow covered almost the entire surface of the ground. On the Crimean Peninsula the snow cover was observed only in the northernmost region – Krasnoperekopsk, where it lay in small patches in ditches at the sides of roads and in gutters. Maximum temperature during the day reached + 10 ˚ C, at night falling down to – 1 ˚ C. In most parts of the peninsula days were sunny, sometimes with variable cloudiness.
During censuses, we observed a well-defined migration of birds of prey, it was especially noticeable on Kerch Peninsula. The basis of migrants consisted of the Hen Harrier, Rough-legged Buzzard, Common Buzzard and Sparrowhawk. These species were also registered along our count routes on hunting and roost sites.
During the expedition we, as an experiment, have set 5 platforms for the Saker falcon. In order not to give a visual information for any poachers willing to “clean” falcon’s nests, we decided not to put photos at the website with results of the work.

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Some research data on Birds of Prey in Mykolaiv Region

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Several expeditions of 2009 (April-June) collected some new data on birds of prey in Mykolaiv region. The study area was investigated from the automobile ‘Zhiguli’ and also bicycle. Among the species listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (RDBU) we observed Long-legged Buzzard, Booted Eagle, Saker Falcon, Black Kite and Scops Owl (last two species were included in the new edition of RDBU).

Natural reserve ‘Yelanetsky Steppe’. Noticeable changes in the bird fauna of this area were not recorded. Since 2000 there have been known breeding of 3-4 pairs of Long-legged Buzzard (Redinov 2006). In 2009 nests of two pairs were still present in their old breeding sites. The third pair wasn’t found though had bred in 2008. Its nest in 2009 was occupied by a pair of the Goshawks. Two nests of Common Buzzard were discovered. Common Kestrel was not found, although earlier it had bred in small numbers. Numbers of Scops obviously decreased, partly because of deficit of available breeding areas.
In a breeding site of Black Kite, discovered in the vicinity of the reserve in 2000, a pair still bred in 2009.

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