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Migrations of birds of prey in Ukraine: what do we know about them?

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Seasonal migrations are an important stage in the annual life cycle of birds. They are characteristic for most species of Ukrainian birds of prey. However by the present time migratory routes and sites of mass concentrations are still poor known. Except for scientific importance this knowledge is essential for planning and organization of conservation of birds of prey. Also, sites of mass migration are of obvious interest for all birdwatchers.

Nowadays, the majority of migrants in Ukraine is considered to pass the country by a wide front, though with the reservation accepted that migrations pass not evenly everywhere but mainly follow “ecological routes”, or, at least, ecologically favorable places (Sevastyanov 1992). Therefore migration of birds of prey can be observed over all the territory of Ukraine. However its intensity differs in different regions and separate places.
There are several reasons of it. Birds with specific trophism (the Osprey, White-tailed Eagle) have to keep usual habitats, and for them migratory “corridors” are expressed more distinctly. Thus, the White-tailed Eagle and Osprey in Ukraine can be much more often met along the Dnieper and other large rivers. However even for these species a part of individuals flies during migration time over all the territory of Ukraine.
Intensity of migration of birds of preyThe more eurytropic are migrants in terms of their trophism, the more similar to the continuous is their migration front. Thus, the majority of birds of prey pass the country in a broad front. The narrowing of their front of migration is caused by landscape or weather and climate barriers.

To analyze the intensity of migration of birds of prey in the territory of Ukraine we have used the data on the maximum number of the individuals met for one day at one observation point during autumn migration (picture).
Despite small quantity of the data, results confirm that the migration goes by a broad front. Essential influence on the migration intensity is caused everywhere by weather conditions. In peak days of passage the number of migrants can increase in dozens times.

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Common Kestrel with the individual marker

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Common Kestrel with the individual marker

On July 19th V. Kucherenko has taken a photo of the Common Kestrel adult female in the lower part of Kuyalnik Liman (Odessa Region). Anybody who knows something about the object put on the bird’s foot, please give the information right as a comment on this post.

Heartfelt thanks to O. Formanyuk for the photo!

Migration of raptors in the vicinity of Kyiv in autumn 2008

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Weather conditions of autumn 2008 have caused mass and intensity passage of Falconiformes, which allows us to treat this migration season as unusual.

We carried out observations on a permanent plot near the village of Pogreby (Brovary district of Kyiv region) located in the floodplain of Desna River (Domashevsky, 2003). Compared with previous counts an observation point was moved 4 km closer to the mouth of Desna River, which connects with the Dnieper floodplain (earlier, observations in this area were of rare periodicity). Thus, we have tried to cover as comprehensively as possible the coalescence of two migratory streams of the birds, which migrated across these rivers floodplains. Downstream the Desna mouth the floodplains merge into one floodplain of the Dnieper (see the map).

The observation point (OP) was located in the area, well-visited with people, especially at weekends. The suburb of Kyiv, bordered with high-rise new buildings, stretched 2.5 km toward the south-east of OP, cottage buildings were even closer. Territory near OP was of open type (abandoned agricultural lands, haymakings and pastures) with small islets of forests, forest belts and solitary trees. In depressions there were small lakelets.

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Observations of marked birds

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There came a period of bird spring migration, and again we’re searching the sky for silhouettes of our favourites. Quite often we don’t guess that our observations might give an unexpected result. During last decades an individual marking of birds of prey by using colour rings, wing tags or ‘windows’ on wings is rather common-spread. These are the elements which should be paid attention when observing birds, also during migrations. A camera may be very useful as modern technical devices give a possibility to take a picture of a bird, and then have a better look at necessary features. Therefore we can advise not only gaze at flying birds, but take a picture.

First three photo are taken from the paper: Dravecký M, Sellis U, Bergmanis U, Dombrovski V, Lontkowski J, Maciorowski G, Maderič B, Meyburg B-U, Mizera T, Stój M, Treinys R & Wójciak J 2008: Colour ringing of the Spotted Eagles (Aquila pomarina, Aquila clanga and their hybrids) in Europe – a review. Slovak Rapt J 2: 37–52.

The colour marking of birds in Ukraine was not provided yet, but basing on migratory routes, you can meet the raptors marked in other countries, as follows:

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